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If you are frustrated with how you look, feel and how your cloths fit and are tired of impossible diets and long boring workouts in the gym... then take a moment to read this web page. It may be the most important page you have ever read.

Dear Friend,
My name is Jamie Philippi...

I am the Co-Founder of Premier Fitness Solutions. My partners (Craig Kastning and Karina Philippi) have over 40 years of experience in the fitness industry and we are super excited about our new opportunity to reach even more people and add value to your life. As you know from the video above we started Premier Fitness Solutions in Algonquin, IL and have helped hundreds and hundreds of people transform their bodies and get in the best shape of their lives. We have quickly become known as "THE BODY TRANSFORMATION SPECIALISTS."

Now we are Expanding and have teamed up with one of the Best Fitness Facilities in The area Anytime Fitness Cary, IL and our now able to bring our most advanced Body Transformation and proven fat loss and muscle toning programs to your area.

That right we now have 2 locations, Algonquin, IL and our Newest locations Inside Anytime Fitness In Cary, IL.

What does that mean to you?

Well, if you are looking to transform your body we have the most proven programs that deliver real world results.

We have literally spent hundreds of hours going through the ins and outs of what works and what doesn't. We have perfected our programs at our Algonquin location and we have continued to test and tweak everything we do to get the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. We have committed ourselves to developing the most advanced fat loss program in the industry. Our system fuses the best of SCIENCE and real world results. It is EASY TO FOLLOW, FUN, MOTIVATING, INTENSE and constantly changing so you never get bored. Now we are bringing this System to You inside Anytime Fitness in Cary.

Our programs are so effective at transforming your body that we guarantee results!

Of course don't Take our word for it. After all we're supposed to tell you how great we are and so does everybody else in the business. Instead, Check out the success stories and results from your neighbors and friends about their experience with us at Premier Fitness Solutions Cary, IL.

Here's what others... just like you... have to say about the results they've achieved with our one of a kind programs

Anna Ruiz

I thank premier fitness with all my heart .Prior to joining Premier Fitness Solutions I felt achy and old. My daily routine was to go to work, come home eat dinner and watch television. When I turned 50 years old I realized I wanted more for me. In the first year of working with a personal trainer I felt I mattered. I was given the motivation that I needed and took it one day at a time. I went form a size 18W to a size 12, I felt good and was getting compliments left and right. I knew I wanted more, in my second year I joined the group training and added a boot camp (which I was made team captain). My team came in second place, I went from a size 12 to a size 8 and I was taken off my blood pressure medication which I was on for 11 years.

I thank Premier Fitness with all my heart for the new healthy ME, I feel stronger and motivated to continue going on.

Jamie, Karina and Craig have become part of my family. I look forward to whatever else they have to bring me.

"I Thank Premier Fitness With All My Heart"

Andrea Ziminsky

Joining Premier Fitness Solutions was a great gift to myself. Between my family schedule and work I always found an excuse to keep me from excercising.

I was constantly tired and unhappy with how I looked.

I wanted to look and feel better about myself. I saw a flier for Premier Fitness and with my husband's support I signed up. Jamie, Karina, Craig and the training team are great to work with. They challenge me and push me to "do work"!

The results have been great! In 6 months, I lost 17 pounds and 15% body fat. I have more energy to keep up with my busy schedule and I feel better about myself overall.

n addition, they offer nutritional guidance that has helped me make good food choices not just for me but my family as well. I have met and even exceeded my goals! Training at Premier was a great decision!

"I Lost 17lbs and 15% Body Fat."

David Beto

Prior to joining Premier Fitness, I spent several years “wanting” to lose weight and get in shape but could never seem to make time or have the discipline to do it on my own. I struggled with feeling sluggish and tired in the afternoons and after a visit with my physician finding many of my labs elevated I knew it was time to commit to change.

I found Premier Fitness and committed to their boot camp program for 3 days a week. That coupled with their nutritional guidance helped me lose 40 lbs over a 4 month period. The variety of excellent trainers and varied workouts has kept the process refreshing.

I feel 100% better than I did when I started. I have much more energy, I am no longer tired all the time and my labs have returned to normal. Their approach has changed my habits and allowed me to integrate this into my lifestyle. It no longer feels like the dreaded mountain climb. I look and feel better than I have in 30 years.

Many thanks to Jamie, Karina and the team at Premier Fitness for helping me achieve my goals and integrate good nutrition and fitness as a permanent part of my life.

"I feel 100% better than I did when I started!"


When I set up my consultation with a trainer at Premier Fitness Solutions I was very hesitant at first. I was 100 lbs overweight, out of shape, tired all the time, and didn’t feel like I had enough energy to workout. It had been so long since I felt good about myself, that I had hard time believing that it is possible to get myself back.

Over the years my husband and I grew bigger together and we just thought that is how it is going to be forever.

Everything changed when I saw a Premier fitness Truck and decided to give them a call. Setting up the consultation was a breeze and appointment itself made me feel very comfortable and hopeful that I found the answer to my prayers.

Since I joined Premier Family I lost 60 lbs, dropped 6 dress sizes and feel better then I felt in years. My workouts are different every time and even though they are challenging I am able to accomplish them because they are based on my own fitness level. I know that I accomplished a lot, but I am not done yet, I continue to see the changes every week and I know I will reach my destination and this time maintain my weight for good.

Thank you Premier Trainers, I wouldn’t do it without you.

"I lost 60 lbs, dropped 6 dress sizes and feel better then I felt in years."

"Let me ask you a question... which one of the following are you sick and tired of struggling with...?"

Now imagine if there was a program that solved all of these issues and more... would you be interested?

Well you are in luck!!! I can HONESTLY tell you that we have tested, tweaked and dissected all of our workout and nutrition plans to overcome all of these things that you are Sick and Tired of Struggling with.

Again, Don't take our word for It.

Here is what our clients have to say

Garret Petersen

In June of 2010 I decided to put an end my constant pain and strong energy swings. I needed to make a real change and that started with calling Premier Fitness Solutions.

Initially I was skeptical about my possible results but now my goals are higher than I dreamed. The Premier Fitness staff gave me the encouragement and empowerment to succeed and in the first year I lost 70 lbs. and 10% body fat.

Recently I saw a new picture of myself and I didn’t realize it was me! I have learned a lot about nutrition and how my body responds to changes in my diet. The Premier Fitness staff always has a new workout and pushes me further than I thought was possible.

If you’re serious about making a lasting change in your life then this is where you belong.

"Recently I saw a new picture of myself and I didn’t realize it was me!"

Jami Varano

When I started at Premier I could barely walk on the treadmill with an incline. When I was put on it right after my consultation and 10 minutes later I said I had somewhere else I needed to get to. There was no where I needed to get to, I just was embarrassed about how out of shape i was. In my head I always told myself it would be easy to loose the weight, "I’ll still be as fit as I used to be just heavier." Boy was I wrong. After this initial shock wore off I decided to set goals for myself, and in the back of my head I still was doubting myself.

What was different this time and what helped me keep my goals was the staff at Premier Fitness Solutions. From the get go they made me feel a part of a family and made me comfortable. When I had gone to other gyms I was embarrassed to workout "hard" in front of strangers who were in shape. I am not saying people at Premier are not in shape, what I am saying is everyone at Premier was extremely welcoming & encouraging. The trainers pushed me but knew my limits probably better than I did.

I hit my 50 lb goal in 5.5 months, I went from a size 18 to a size 6 & I got my confidence back. I now have a new goal to work towards. I am extremely grateful to the staff at Premier Fitness Solutions they changed my life in so many ways.

"I Went From a Size 18 to a Size 6 and I got My Confidence Back!"

Susan Brenkus

I enjoy working out, but while in school for 3 ½ years I found it hard to balance work, family, school and working out. Unfortunately, I put on extra weight during that time and wasn’t working out on a consistent basis.

Having worked with personal trainers in the past, I knew this was the best way for me to get back in shape, but it’s all about finding the right trainer – someone to push me to go beyond what I think I can do and keep me motivated by making it challenging and fun to work out.

That’s what I found at Premier Fitness. So far, I’ve lost 30 pounds, increased my strength more than I thought possible along with my energy levels.

It didn’t take long to start seeing results and the encouragement and praise you get from the Premier Fitness staff makes it easy to keep coming back for more.

I can’t say enough about how Karina continues to motivate and challenge me every Wednesday morning during our one-on-one training time – she gets just as pumped up as I do when I report back that I’ve lost more weight or dropped a dress size. Everyone I’ve worked with at Premier Fitness is clearly motivated by their clients’ results!

"I’ve lost 30 pounds and increased my strength!"

Mike Burke. Gilberts, Illinois

I came to Premier very out of shape and with some terrible dietary habits. I was able to exercise intermittently in my 20s and early 30s and still maintain a reasonable level of conditioning. As I approached 40 though I realized I was going to need to take my commitment to diet and exercise more seriously. The problem I was having is how easy it is to find reasons not to follow a program.

When I started working with the trainers at Premier they were able to work together on my diet and exercise plan and tailor it to fit my goals. The variety of styles they have presented me for training has maintained my interest and allowed me to meet my initial goals rapidly. They challenge me to work beyond the level I would ever challenge myself if I was working independently. The other component is the dietary alterations that I have made based on the guidance provided. I had never followed a diet plan very closely in the past, but after discussing this with the trainers and knowing they follow the same guidelines I implemented all the rules provided. The results for me have been very satisfying and I look forward to setting new goals in the coming year.

I would like to say thank you to Craig, Jamie, and Karina for the fantastic coaching and motivation!

"I lost 36Lbs and 14% Body Fat!"

Here's just some of the benefits you'll experience at premier fitness solutions

  • Energize your life-we are going to show you how to dramatically improve your energy levels. No more feeling Sluggish and tired
  • Get a tight, firm and toned body-we will tone, shape, and sculpt your entire body.
  • Lose fat and keep it off-most people who lose fat gain it all back. We will show you how to keep it Off
  • Increase your metabolism-you'll discover what foods to eat and what foods can kill your metabolism. We will also help you reduce cravings for the junk food that leaves you feeling horrible
  • Decrease stress and anxiety- working out releases endorphins in the brain , these chemicals are proven to trigger an instant "feel good" reaction in our bodies
  • Look and feel younger-It's no secret, a lean toned body makes you look and feel much younger. In Fact, after 3months on our programs most clients report they are doing things they haven't done in years
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem-there is nothing that helps confidence and self-esteem more than taking care of and feeling good about your body. (Just take a good look at the contestants on THE BIGGEST LOSER, notice how much happier and confident they are at the end of their amazing transformations)
  • Sleep better and increase productivity- studies have shown that working out as little as 3 days/week for 30 minutes will help you get higher quality sleep increasing your ability to focus and have sustained energy.
  • Cut exercise time in half-our programs are real world tested and science driven to deliver results the competition can't achieve in twice the time.
  • The Truth - about how to make Rapid and measurable improvements in your body on a consistent basis.
  • Have fun- you have to enjoy what you are doing otherwise you won't stick to it. Our clients Look Forward to coming in.

So here is what I want you to do and my commitment to you. We will do whatever it takes to help you get the body you deserve. I would like you to pick up the phone and give us a call so you can try out our program for yourself.

Our program has been proven over and over and over to Get RESULTS. But just to remove all doubt. If you are not completely convinced our program is the best out there we will refund your investment no questions asked. We take all the risks, you have nothing to lose except unwanted body fat.

"What are you waiting For?!"

Jennifer Marinas

In the past 4 months I have lost 28 pounds, gone down 3 sizes and lowered my cholesterol 40 points. But it doesn't compare to what I've gained - Self confidence, healthier lifestyle, less dependence on food, more energetic and overall happiness. The time I've spent at Premier has had such an impact on my life. I'm glad that I made the decision to make a change!


Heather Hamell

After having my 4th child I came to Premier to get back in shape. The fantastic workouts and nutritional support I received at Premiere helped me reach my goal!

The trainers here know how to change your body and I am thrilled with my results! I lost 12 lbs in the first 30 days... After a few months of boot camp I have gone from a size 10 to a size 3!

The training staff at Pemiere know how to make your body strong and burn the fat. The work outs are fun and the staff make sure you have good form to avoid injury. I also really appreciated the nutritional support and feedback. They really have something special going on, I feel so fortunate to be a part of it.

" I lost 12 lbs in the first 30 days..."

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Jamie Philippi
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P.S. Important point to remember: 30days from now you can be on the same path you're on now, maybe even gaining an additional 4-7lbs. Or, you could be 30days closer to your goal,7-11lbs lighter, much healthier and energized. Call us now 224-678-9060 Remember you have nothing to lose, except some unwanted body fat.