Looking to lose fat quickly and have a mean sweet tooth you need to satisfy? If so, fruit can be the perfect way to do so.

Many people are quick to think that they must be cutting fruit out of their diet plan completely, but this simply is not the case.  In fact most of my Algonquin Personal Training clients perform better with some fruit in their nutrition plan.

As long as you are sure to balance out how much fruit you’re eating so that your total calorie needs still are where they need to be, you can definitely include fruit as part of your regular eating plan and still see great results from your personal training program

The trick is to make sure that you are choosing the healthiest fruits available so that you can get the best nutrition for your calorie consumption and don’t overdue how often you eat fruit.  For most of my personal training clients I recommend one serving of fruit per day.

Let’s look at which are the most optimal fruit choices to consider.


Topping the list of perfect fruit choices are raspberries. The reason that these are so wonderful for fat loss reasons is because not only are they one of the lowest sugar containing fruits, but they also offer up a great deal of dietary fiber.

Those who are consuming higher fiber diets are definitely going to notice that they have a much easier time controlling their hunger level, so this can really work to your advantage.

Plus, raspberries have only about 64 calories per cup, so are generally an easy add to any diet plan.


The second of the top fruit choices to be including on your diet plan is the apple.  Apples are great because they come in so many different varieties, so it’s hard not to find one that you enjoy.

Apples are also very high in pectin content, which is a certain type of fiber that is especially filling for those on lower calorie diets.

Having an apple a few hours before a main meal can help to keep the munchies at bay and ensure that you don’t take in more calories than you should be.

Furthermore, apples are also great for those who crave crunchy foods, so this can help you stick with your diet better overall as well.

Try them raw or even baked with a bit of cinnamon.


Finally, the last fruit to consider including in your diet plan are blueberries. Blueberries are nutrient superpowers and contain a very strong dose of antioxidants, so will help to ward off free radical damage in the body and keep you feeling as healthy as possible.

Blueberries do contain some fiber and a small dose of sugar, but with the added fiber, the response on your blood glucose level will be minimal.

Top a bowl of greek yogurt with some blueberries and you have nutritious quick snack.

So don’t shun fruit – just be smart with your choices. Choose any one of these three options and you’ll keep your nutritional intake where it needs to be and still see the fat loss progress you’re after.