How often do you workout?  That’s the question I was asked yesterday.


I always pause a second before I answer that question and feel like I have to back track and/or explain my answer like I will probably do in second as I write this….lol


I’m not sure why I feel like that sometimes, maybe it’s because I typically know the personal asking might not want to hear the real answer.


Before I tell you my thoughts on this, I first want to say I respect anyone who makes health and fitness a part of their life.  There are definitely different levels to this, like anything in life, but anyone who puts some focus and effort on improving has my respect.   Often life gets crazy and we may not be able to stick to our perfect schedule but those that find a way even if it’s not ideal I applaud.


Okay now back to the question that was asked of me…. The truth is, I workout at least 6days/wk and do something active even on the 7th day.   I know the majority of people might think that’s too much, too hard, takes up too much time and there’s no way they could commit to that type of routine.  I get it, at first that can seem overwhelming but once you get into it’s hard to imagine living any other way.

I’m actually a better person not only physically but mentally when I exercise.  Energy levels are higher, mood is better, productivity is increased.  Guess when I’m writing this…. You got it, right after a good workout.

I actually find life much harder when I don’t workout.   I guess you could look at it like this…

Working out consistently might be HARD.  Not being able to get off the floor without the help of something or someone is also HARD.

Eating healthy and planning meals might be HARD.  Eating unhealthy foods and having low energy levels and feeling like Crap is also HARD.

Taking some time for yourself and what you need is HARD.  Taking care of everyone else and feeling burned out is HARD.

Having the courage to leave a job or relationship that you hate is HARD.  Going to a job or being in a relationship that you hate is also HARD.

I’m sure you get the point.  Taking action and doing something to move yourself forward can be challenging and hard, however, it is just as hard not to.

For me, in regards to the “How many times you workout question” it all comes down to choosing my Hard.

In all honesty, at this point in my life it would be much harder not to train the way I train.  I can’t imagine not waking up and feeling good, having energy, feeling comfortable and confident.

I was just talking about this last night…. Here’s the way I look at it.  Father Time is going to catch up with all of us at some point in time.  Right now I’m trying to put as much distance between him and me as I possibly can.   I know the best way for me to do that is to live a healthy lifestyle and devote some time and energy every day to keep myself in the lead.

We all Choose Our Hard, whether we realize it or not, Choose wisely.


Have a great weekend,