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We are located in Algonquin just East of Algonquin Commons.  Directly across the street (county line road) from Brunswick Zone.  Our address is 1445 Merchant Dr. Algonquin, IL 60102.
No, we are not a Gym.  At Premier Fitness Solutions you get the Coaching, personal attention; accountability, motivation and Support needed to achieve your goals.  No big crowds, no waiting for equipment, it’s all about our clients!   Everyone that comes to our facility Trains with us.  With that said, once you become a training client of ours, you do have access to our facility even on days you are not working with a trainer.   So if you want to come in for a little extra cardio or a training session you are more than welcome.  In Fact, many of our clients come in an extra time or two during the week because they love the environment.
Yes, we have a Men’s and Women’s locker room, each with showers, towels, hair dryers, shampoo and body wash.
Our Group Metabolic Training (Transformation Programs) start at $199/month and our Totally Personalized Private Training Programs start at $44/session
Our groups are NOT large Boot Camp style of workouts with 20, 30, or more people in them.  We don’t do that type of training.  It is very important to us to always provide High Quality training and Coaching.  That is why we strive to keep our groups to 14 people or less.  We want to ensure each person in each session gets proper coaching and a safe, fun and effective workout.
Both Types of Training are really effective and have their benefits (as long as the groups aren’t too big – think Big Boot Camps over 20 people) and they also have some significant differences.

Private Training is a better fit if you want maximum accountability, attention and a program 100% specifically designed for you.  If you have very specific goals, looking for the most improvement, or just starting out you may want to consider private training. If you have lots of injuries/limitations that require improved posture and alignment then private training will be a better fit for you.  You simply can’t correct every single incorrect movement in a group.  There is nothing that replaces one-to-one coaching when you are trying to learn something new. Group on the other hand, is a great place to start if you are looking for an intense workout that is fun, motivating, high in energy (there is typically more energy in a group setting) and will help you lose those pounds.  There is also a built in community of like-minded people who will be there to motivate you when you need a boost.  Another benefit, Group training costs less than private training. Either way, you’ll benefit and we will make sure you get started in the right place for you.

Absolutely! We work with you and find nutrition practices that fit into your lifestyle.  No cookie cutter diets or meal plans.   Our nutrition programs are easy-to-begin, sustainable and designed for you.  We will guide you and help you implement sound nutrition practices that fit into your lifestyle So you never have to diet again.

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